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The Witch's Familiar

ShowDoctor Who / Series IX / Episode 2
First Broadcast2015/09/27 - 19:40 (Link: ABC Details)
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We begin with Missy and Clara being alive and an explanation as to how this was achieved, which doubled-up as how Missy survived in Death In Heaven. Together they journey into the citadel to find the Doctor.

The Doctor and Davros play out a long tete-a-tete as two foes seemingly become friends (?) in their old age. Davros tries to trick the Doctor into helping him die in peace having seen the dawn with his own eyes. The Doctor was wise to his plans though and it all goes pear-shaped for Davros and the Daleks. The Doctor and Clara escape. Missy looks to be in deep trouble, but her last words suggest she found a way out.

We find out lots more about the Daleks: why Skaro is back, how they operate their machine components, modifications to what they say, and a reason for "Exterminate". We also find out what happens to Daleks as they age. They do not die, they are instead consigned to the sewers. A particularly creepy situation and one which also helps the Doctor outwit Davros. With regard to Davros himself, we find out more about his back-story, we see him open his own eyes for the first time, we see him out of his chair and we find the tiniest bit of mercy in him and where it came from. From his point of view, compassion is indeed a weakness. This tiny bit of mercy is still present in the Daleks today.

We see how the Master is still unspeakably cruel when he/she tries to trick the Doctor into killing Clara, pretending the Dalek she is hiding in, is in fact the one that killed her.

And finally we see a very significant (and surprising to me) change in routine. The Doctor no longer uses a sonic screwdriver (gasp). It has been replaced by the (apparently cooler) sonic sunglasses. Save me.