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The Zygon Invasion

ShowDoctor Who / Series IX / Episode 7
First Broadcast2015/11/01 - 19:40 (Link: ABC Details)
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This episode begins with reference to the treaty between human and Zygon drawn up in The Day of the Doctor including some footage. It's effectively a direct sequel and goes into what was included in the treaty, something glossed over in The Day of the Doctor.

Somehow Osgood is back, despite being killed by Missy in Death In Heaven. This seems impossible and the explanation is, at best, okay. Effectively it's twins, but with the twist that one is human and the other Zygon. Interestingly, Osgood is at great pains to avoid saying which one she is. Indeed, the question is pointless as they both deny its premise. The Doctor says it's almost like she's a hybrid. This is possibly an emerging theme for the series. The daleks and Ashildr are both hybrids in a way.

The plot focuses on the breakdown of the treaty due to a few rogue Zygon and UNIT's attempts to defuse the situation. It does not go well. The Zygon have two new alien advantgaes: a previously unseen way of killing humans leaving behind a sort of electric tumbleweed; and the ability to steal memories from their victims and present as clones of loved ones. Osgood is captured. Kate is captured. Clara has been captured and was operating as a Zygon clone for most of the episode. And finally, Clara has launched a surface to air missile at the plane carrying the Doctor and the (rescued) Osgood.

The radicalised Zygon are compared none too subtly to faux-Islamic terrorists, eg. ISIS. While it's okay to comment on or compare to real world events, this was poorly done. It was too obvious, reminiscent of the 45 seconds to doom in WWIII.

Overall this was a good episode, but held back by a few weaknesses: slow moving plot, un-subtleties, and so on. Let's hope the conclusion is better.