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The Zygon Inversion

ShowDoctor Who / Series IX / Episode 8
First Broadcast2015/11/08 - 19:40 (Link: ABC Details)
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Previous EpisodeThe Zygon Invasion

At the end of the first part, all seemed lost. However we begin to see the plan for the Zygon splinter group - lead by Bonnie - unravel. Clara, while trapped in the Zygon pod, becomes aware she of her situation and that she has some minimal control over Bonnie. Clara caused the first missile aimed at the Doctor's plane to miss, giving him and Osgood time to escape. It becomes clear that Bonnie is unaware of Clara's action. Clara sends the Doctor a TXT via Bonnie and then causes her to wink while the Doctor and Bonnie are on a video call.

The Doctor and Osgood find the Zygon Nest. A copy of Kate and two guards also arrive. After Bonnie leaves for the Black Archive, the unravelling continues as it turns out Kate is actually Kate and kills the two guards. Everyone converges on the Black Archive and we discover the Osgood Box is two boxes and the combatants are given a choice. These following scenes are the highlight of the episode. The Doctor gives a powerful speech about resolving their conflict peacefully. He speaks of having to make the same choice himself and how it still affects him. Eventually Kate and Bonnie back down. We discover the boxes are empty and do nothing and even more, this has all happened before. The Doctor changes the script this time, wiping only Kate's memory, allowing Bonnie to keep hers so she can prevent this happening again. We wrap up with Bonnie taking the role of the second Osgood.

Lots of interesting bits and some good humour along the way. There's a couple of references to Harry Sullivan from the Fourth Doctor era. Many references to the Day of the Doctor, including the modelling of the Osgood boxes on The Moment. There's some good repartee between the Doctor and Osgood. Clara in her apartment while trapped in the Zygon Pod is reminiscent of her Dalek conversion in the Asylum of the Daleks. Equally, Kate and Bonnie repeating their actions is reminiscent of the Queen in The Beast Below.

All up, it wasn't a bad episode and the dramatic scenes in the Black Archive were top notch. But, for mine, this was not a great episode.