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Australia vs Brazil

After going down 0-2 after 23", we fought back well to equalise at 2-2 after 68", before a quality goal saw us go out 3-2.

I didn't stay up and watch, which says something about my commitment to women's sport. 10pm on a Sunday evening is too late for the women, but 3am or 5am is no problem for the men.

By the look of the stats, Brazil dominated the match and probably deserved to win. However, we were the first team to score against Brazil in this tournament and clearly pushed them to the limit. Some of their players looked quite relieved at the final whistle.

Overall a very good tournament for the Aussies. Our first ever win, plus two draws (one against Norway) and a narrow loss to Brazil in the QFs.

We seem to be able to match it with the best in attack. However our defence appears to need work. We conceded goals in every game. And crucially we conceded in the first few minutes in all the difficult games.