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Australia vs Canada

In a thrilling match, that reminded me a lot of our men's third round game at the 2006 World Cup, the Matildas scored an injury-time goal to secure a 2-2 draw with Canada and passage through to the quarter-finals.

There was some confusion over when our match would be played. Both third round games in our group were scheduled for Wednesday. Norway vs Ghana was delayed for a day due to a typhoon. Normally, both third round games are played simultaneously, but the decision to move our game was made much later. Apparently our team had boarded the team bus on Wednesday evening to head off for our match before they were advised of the decision.

When the match did finally get under way on Thursday (local time 7:00pm on SBS), the pattern of goals followed Australia vs Croatia. Canada scored in the first minute and Australia didn't equalise until early in the second half. All looked lost when Canada scored with only a few minutes to go, before Australian captain Cheryl Salisbury scored the vital goal in the second minute of extra time, after excellent lead-up work by Lisa De Vanna.

So our women have outperformed our men at this level. A win and two draws and a clear second place in their group. Further, they're the first team to reach the quarter-finals, although with only 16 teams at the finals, you'd argue it's roughly the same. Our next match is against Brazil who have three wins and are yet to concede a goal.