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Guam vs Australia

EAFF East Asian Cup - 2013 Qualifiers - Preliminary Round 2 - Match 3
Guam vs Australia
at Hong Kong Stadium, Hong Kong on 2012-12-07T06:50:00
Score: 0-9 (0-3)
Scorers: Aaron Mooy (12'), Eli Babalj (20', 56'), Michael Marrone (43'), Archie Thompson (59', 63', 65' (p)), Mark Milligan (71'), Richard Garcia (83')
Previous Match: North Korea vs Australia
Next Match: Australia vs Chinese Taipei

A much improved performance, albeit against a relative minnow in world football. Osieck was also more adventurous with his selections giving several newcomers a start and they didn't let him down. The big margin was very handy as we've reined in North Korea's goal difference in just one match. So we'll start our last game on a level footing with them. Much better but one more good game still required.