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Australia vs Chinese Taipei

EAFF East Asian Cup - 2013 Qualifiers - Preliminary Round 2 - Match 4
Australia vs Chinese Taipei
at Hong Kong Stadium, Hong Kong on 2012-12-09T06:00:00
Score: 0-8 (0-5)
Scorers: Richard Garcia (11'), Robert Cornthwaite (17'), Adam Taggart (20', 29'), Aziz Behich (34', 57'), Aaron Mooy (47'), Own Goal (82')
Previous Match: Guam vs Australia
Next Match: Romania vs Australia

North Korea played just before us and won 4-0, so we knew we had to win by +5 or better to ensure first place. The new football broadcasting deal meant this match was streamed live from SBS's website which I think is fantastic. And we got the job done.

Once we again we field an adventurous team and they repaid their coach in full. We roared out to a 5-0 lead before half-time, almost completing the job by the break. In the second half we did enough to score three more goals and finish on top comfortably. Which means we've qualified for the finals and the Socceroos will get a few more quality competitive matches in the lead up to the World Cup. Good stuff.

The only small negative is we really should have been more adventurous with selections in the first two games, esp. against Hong Kong. We need good young players with game time if we're going to be competitive in 2014.