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Australia vs New Zealand

Friendly - 2010 - A
Australia vs New Zealand
at Melbourne Cricket Ground on 2010-05-21T09:30:00
Score: 2-1 (0-1)
Scorers: Dario Vidosic (57'), Brett Holman (94')
Previous Match: Australia vs Indonesia
Next Match: Australia vs Denmark

A friendly against the Kiwis is normally anything but and this was no exception. However, it was Australia who behaved poorly with a couple of very rash tackles. We also played poorly. New Zealand took a deserved early lead in the first half. We picked up a bit in the second half and probably deserved our equaliser. We then pinched a goal with nothing on the clock to claim an undeserved win.

This was our chance to send the Socceroos off to South Africa. A good, but not huge, crowd was in. With many players looking to make the final cut, you could be excused for expecting better from the Aussies. But our first half was dismal. Our regular first choice players had shockers, either being rash (Grella, Cahill) or very rusty (Moore, Neill, ...). Those after a spot were a little more lively but did little to enhance their chances.

Verbeek was critical of the poor tackles and the team in general the next day and rightly so. We really need to lift our performances and we only have two friendlies left in order to do so. We have significant injury concerns and out of form / unfit players. We may have a roughly equivalent squad to last time, but I'd say we're not in as good form. Let's hope we can improve or we won't get out of the group stages.