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Australia vs Paraguay

Friendly - 2010 - G
Australia vs Paraguay
at Sydney Football Stadium, Australia on 2010-10-09T09:00:00
Score: 1-0 (0-0)
Scorers: David Carney (53')
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What an intriguing match. Australia up against World Cup quarter-finalists Paraguay. Both teams had most of their first choice players. The Socceroos first and last match in Australia under Osieck before the Asian Cup finals. In the end, the Socceroos came away with a 1-0 win, but even more importantly they put on a good show.

Verbeek delivered results, but in the end they weren't enough. We want our Socceroos to play positive, attractive, attacking football too. Osieck clearly told his charges to deliver on all this. He's no fool, if we wants to keep his job long term, he probably has too. But it wasn't just for show. There was a real purpose to the Socceroos play. On balance they deserved their win.

The first half started slowly for the Socceroos. Paraguay was clearly on top for the first 15 minutes or so. Then Cahill lost his defender at a set play, got a free header and was denied by a good save. The Socceroos came to life and dominated the rest of the half. It was good to watch.

In the second half we couldn't quite sustain it. Both sides struggled with a slippery pitch, but we gave away too much cheap possession. Nevertheless we persevered. Carney's goal was well taken if a little fortunate in the lead up. But then, we created enough chances. One of them had to go in.

Overall, a pleasing performance. The verve was there, which will hopefully bring the fans back for more.

The morning after was Breakfast on the Bridge and the FFA plugging its bid. We can only hope.