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France vs Australia

Friendly - 2013-C
France vs Australia
at Parc de Princes, Paris, France on 2013-10-11T08:00:00
Score: 0-6 (0-4)
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A second humiliation in a little over a month. The situation looks dire for the World Cup next year (and even the Asian Cup in 2015). Our team simply cannot compete against quality opposition at the moment. Our failure to regenerate our team under Verbeek and Osieck cannot be ignored any longer. It's hard to see Osieck doing that and the calls for his head will be loud and long. (UPDATE: Osieck has been sacked by Gallop.)

Just a few days ago, the first round of ticket sales for Rio 2014 closed. I chose to wait. Seems like a smart move this morning. I'm not sure what the way forward from here is. A new coach now needs to be found. But where are the players? How do you rebuild the Socceroos in 9 months? Sadly, we should probably focus on the Asian Cup to give ourselves 15 months.