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World Cup Draw

Oh no, not Brazil! The draw for the World Cup was held overnight. I taped it and watched it today. I've never bothered before, but when your own country is featured it makes a big difference. As the draw dragged on, we waited with bated breath. And as luck would have it we drew Brazil - the world champions and favourites - Japan and Croatia. A very tough group.

One good thing, I guess, is that the eyes of the world will be on us when we play Brazil. It will be the only game being played at that time and everyone watches Brazil. So if we play well, the boost for our game will be enormous.

The order of our group games is probably in our favour. We play Japan first and we'll need to beat them. By the time we play our second game against Brazil, Croatia and Japan will have played theirs, so we'll know where we stand. And we'll play Croatia when Brazil play Japan, which will most likely mean we know the result of the other game, as Brazil should win that, so we'll know what we need to do to progress from the group stage.