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Brazil vs Australia

World Cup Finals 2006 - Group Stage, Match 2
Brazil vs Australia
at Allianz Arena, Munich on 2006-06-18T08:00:00
Score: 2-0 (0-0)
Official Info: FIFA Details
Previous Match: Australia vs Japan
Next Match: Croatia vs Australia

After spending a few unexpected days on top of our group table, anything seems possible. I elect to drive into our club pub to watch this match against one of the tournament favourites (although not in my view). Driving in, the news comes through that Croatia and Japan have played a 0-0 draw. This is awesome as a draw with Brazil would mean Croatia would have to beat us by a couple of goals to stop us progressing to the round of 16.

The pub is packed. We all stand up and belt out the national anthem. It's spine-tingling. And then the match kicks off. We know the whole world is watching as everyone watches Brazil.

The first half is a tight affair. We're biased of course, but it seems the referee is against us. Brazil struggle in attack. Ronaldo is an absolute joke. Overweight and out of touch. It's gripping stuff. 0-0 at half-time. If it stays this way, we'll be delighted.

Unfortunately it doesn't. All our good work is undone when Adriano scores after just a few minutes of the second half. It's a quality shot, just beating the out-stretched Schwarzer in the corner.

But we're not out of it. We continue to create chances. Oddly the match is defined by Brazil's defence. A couple of great tackles from one of their defenders keep them in it. Unbelievably Kewell misses an open goal after a goalkeeping error. That was probably our chance. Brazil score a second with nothing left on the clock, which seems unfair. Still biased of course, but I reckon they look pretty relieved. I'm happy to go on record and say they definitely won't win the tournament.

We've accredited ourselves well. I hope the footballing world takes note. We know what we need against Croatia now. A draw will be sufficient.