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Australia vs Spain

World Cup Finals 2014 - Group Stage, Match 3
Australia vs Spain
at Arena da Baixada, Curitiba, Brazil on 2014-06-23T16:00:00
Score: 0-3 (0-1)
Official Info: FIFA Details
Previous Match: Australia vs Netherlands
Next Match: Belgium vs Australia

This was a dead rubber. Both teams were out and there was a sliver of hope that Australia might get something from the match. However the Spanish seemed keen to prove they still had something to offer despite conceding their title and made comfortable work of the Australians. We played well, but looked a little jaded, perhaps worn out from our first two matches.

Overall, our tournament finished where many predicted with three straight losses and conceding several goals along the way (in the end, three per match). Nonetheless we won plenty of admirers along the way, especially for our performance against the Netherlands. We scored three goals - three more than many predicted. But in the end, we were found to be wanting at this level and our ranking will slip further.

On the plus side, we have a youthful team that has gained very valuable experience. Our coach clearly has the team on the right track and has the respect of the players. If we can build on this at the Asian Cup and beyond, we should be able to perform a lot better at the next World Cup Finals. A lot of water under the bridge before then though.