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Thailand vs Australia

FIFA World Cup - 2014 Qualifiers - Asian Region - Round 1 - Group D - Match 5
Thailand vs Australia
at Supachalasai Stadium, Bangkok on 2011-11-15T08:00:00
Score: 0-1 (0-0)
Scorers: Brett Holman (77')
Official Info: FIFA Details
Previous Match: Oman vs Australia
Next Match: Australia vs Saudi Arabia

The floods in Thailand forced a change of venue, but that didn't put off the Thais. They played out of their skin and deserved something from this match. Unlike last month though, we hung tough and scored the winner through Brett Holman.

We didn't exactly play badly, although we've played better. The Thais were simply outstanding with a performance that belies their FIFA ranking. They definitely deserved at least a point from this. But history will record that we won 1-0 and confirmed out spot in the next stage of qualifying. This takes the pressure of our next match, but Osieck will know we still need to improve.