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Australia vs Saudi Arabia

FIFA World Cup - 2014 Qualifiers - Asian Region - Round 1 - Group D - Match 6
Australia vs Saudi Arabia
at AAMi Park, Melbourne, Australia on 2012-02-29T09:30:00
Score: 4-2 (1-2)
Scorers: Alex Brosque (43', 75'), Harry Kewell (73'), Brett Emerton (76')
Official Info: FIFA Details
Previous Match: Thailand vs Australia
Next Match: Denmark vs Australia

The Socceroos were a bit scratchy in the first and the Saudis deserved their lead at the break. A devastating spell from the Aussies saw them comfortably home and they finished top of their group.

It had been a while since our last game. In addition Osieck had made some changes to the line up, eg. the return on Bresciano. So a little roughness around the edges is to be expected. The Saudis attacked well in the first half and lead twice after Brosque's first cancelled out their lead. Our defence was a little poor at times and it was disappointing to concede so close to half-time.

Our standard of play lifted in the second half, but it took a while to break them down. It was Kewell who levelled the score with what was a key goal. (He's actually in good form at the moment, with a few A-League goals recently too.) Brosque scored his second just two minutes later, before Emerton wrapped it up just one minute later. There was a bit of luck in the final goal to be sure, but we deserved our win.

Overall a pleasing result. Some good form shown by the players. Some momentum to take to the next stage. And so on.

Update: We're back in the FIFA Top 20 on the back of this.

Update: The draw for the next round sees up grouped with Japan, Iraq, Jordan and Oman. Many were hoping we'd avoid Japan, but I think it's great. The match will draw a lot of interest and, let's face it, we only need a top two finish in our group. So even if we were to lose to Japan our destiny is still completely in our hands against the other three teams.