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Australia vs Japan

FIFA World Cup - 2014 Qualifiers - Asian Region - Final Round - Group B - Match 2
Australia vs Japan
at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, Australia on 2012-06-12T10:00:00
Score: 1-1 (0-0)
Scorers: Luke Wilkshire (70', P)
Official Info: FIFA Details
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Japan arrived full of confidence and in form. Australia arrived battle-weary from a tough away match in Oman. But it didn't seem to matter. Australia threw everything into the match, while Japan absorbed it and used their skill. It was a thrilling match that finished 1-1. Probably a fair result, all things considered.

Bresciano went off injured early and Milligan was sent off in the second half for a second yellow card. This made it very tough for Australia, but we battled very well to come back after Japan scored first. Sadly, the refereeing played a big part in the match. Milligan's second yellow was very soft. But so was the penalty decision in our favour and Japan's Kurihara's second yellow. Who knows what might have been if both teams had remained at full strength.

Looking forward, Japan is building a team very well. They are bringing young players through and look better for it. Australia has fallen behind here. It's hard to imagine Australia having a better team than Japan in Brazil.