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Australia vs Iraq

FIFA World Cup - 2018 Qualifiers - Asian Region - Round 3 - Group B - Match 1
Australia vs Iraq
at NIB Stadium, Perth on 2016-09-01T08:30:00
Score: 2-0 (0-0)
Scorers: Massamo Luongo (58'), Tom Juric (64')
Official Info: Socceroos
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The Socceroos were back in Perth for the first time in a while and a good crowd of 18K turned out to see a very solid performance from Australia. On the whole we were thoroughly dominant however you measure it. Full credit to Iraq though; they worked hard and created a few good chances. 0-0 at the break but it seemed unlikely we wouldn't get the result we wanted.

After a great deal of effort for little return, we bagged two goals in quick succession to kill off the match. Iraq stayed committed for the rest of the match but there was little they could do. Australia off to a great start with a difficult road trip to follow against UAE - who just defeated Japan at home!