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2010 World Cup Finals - Round of 16

With the first knock-out round complete, it's interesting to see who's left standing. Ghana survives to represent Africa, while the other seven are from Europe and South America. All the Asian and North American teams are out.

Day 19

Spain vs Portugal: Spain had to battle against their old rivals, but in the end were pretty comfortable winners despite the close scoreline. 1-0.

Paraguay vs Japan: the last Asian team remaining played very well, but couldn't break down the Paraguayan defence over 120 minutes. Then they missed a penalty and went out. 0-0 (5-3).

Day 18

Brazil vs Chile: Brazil seem to have the wood on Chile. A comfortable 3-0 win and Chile go home. They can be proud of a good tournament though.

Netherlands vs Slovakia: the Dutch continue on their winning ways. They're looking sharp. 2-1.

Day 17

Argentina vs Mexico: the Mexicans could be forgiven for wondering why they struck Argentina again. Another controversial goal, but the Argies were too good. 3-1.

Germany vs England: the Poms will have something to complain about for fifty years now. They were clearly robbed of a goal, but would it have made any difference? Most commentators suggest not. The German's were very good in attack, if a little weak in defence. England's problems included poor defence and a lack of ideas. You've got to wonder about England. Why do they struggle in big tournaments? They've got the players, but can't seem to put it together. Germany look like they can go a long way in this tournament. They've got the attack. The big question is: what happens if they fall behind? 4-1.

Day 16

USA vs Ghana: a monumental contest of two contrasting styles that took extra time and some individual brilliance to separate the two. Ghana scored a fine goal early. The USA showed their usual guts and determination to fight their way back into it, equalising in the second half. It finished 1-1 at full-time. Ghana haven't scored more than once for a dozen games, while the USA have been finishing strongly. But it was a wonderful goal from Ghana's Gyan in the third minute of extra time that settled it. The USA gave their all, but couldn't find a second. Ghana take Africa into the quarter-finals. 1-2 a.e.t.

Uruguay vs South Korea: an absorbing and very close battle. South Korea will rue a couple of missed chances. Uruguay took an early lead and then shut up shop. Which is so disappointing, as it seems they probably have the talent to go on the attack. Slowly but surely Korea worked their way back into the game. The second half was all Korea and eventually it told; they got the equaliser. And this highlights the danger of Uruguay's approach; they had to change up a gear. And so they did, but it took a wonder-strike from Suarez to clinch it. There was still time for Korea to equalise again and they so very nearly did; a shot squeezing under the keeper, but cleared off the line. 2-1.