A Town Called Mercy

Doctor Who does Western (for the first time in a long time) and it's pretty good. Not quite hitting the heights, but a lot better than last week. In essence it's a morality tale, like many Westerns I suppose. Seeking to define the good guys and bad guys with some surprising twists.

This is a dense story that defies a quick summary. Read the Doctor Who Wiki article for the outline. There are so many themes: morality, justice, good vs evil, redemption all interwoven.

Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

A very ordinary episode built around a frankly absurd title. It had the feel of "designed by committee". As if they tried to come up with a cool idea, fill it with lots of amusing characters and mash it all together. The end result was very disappointing.

Jordan vs Australia

Groan. What a disaster - a 1-2 loss to a weaker team. We were out-thought and out-played and "something must be done". It's not panic stations yet. Realistically we should still finish 2nd in our group and qualify for Brazil directly. But another loss could make it very difficult and I'm sure everyone would rather avoid play-offs, especially as the 5th-placed South American team lies at the end of that.

Asylum Of The Daleks

The series resumes with the Doctor still dead in the eyes of most. But there are those who hope. Somehow a hooded woman got a message to the Doctor and lured him to Skaro. The Doctor realises it's a trap, she turns into a dalek and he is captured.

On Earth we discover Amy and Rory completing their divorce before also being captured (separately) by the Daleks. They all wake up on a ship containing the Prime Minister and the Parliament of the Daleks.

ADP Down Under

The football world (both hear and overseas) is abuzz with the news that Alessandro del Piero has signed for Sydney FC. There have been lots of superlatives thrown around as a result, but it's hard not to agree that this is one of the biggest football stories ever.

Lebanon vs Australia

A much improved Australia, captained by Mark Schwarzer in his 100th cap, easily accounted for Lebanon 3-0. Osieck went for his strongest team, demanded a better performance and the players responded well. Lebanon are not exactly a tough opponent, but these are the games you have to win. We'll go into our next qualifier with plenty of confidence.

Scotland vs Australia

A disappointing match in which we succumbed 1-3 to Scotland. A cracking goal by Mark Bresciano got us off to good start, but Scotland thoroughly deserved their win. We were flat. Osieck was being kind when he said he expected more of the Socceroos. We have to improve for our upcoming qualifiers.

Anti-Science On The Rise

This sort of thing has been going on for a long time. However three examples that I came across within a week or so inspired me to write. I speak of the disturbing, growing trend of anti-scientific thinking.

In late June, the Texas GOP adopted the policy that they "oppose the teaching of higher order thinking skills, critical thinking skills and similar programs … which focus on behaviour modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority."1

Spanish Football Rules

Spain completed an amazing triumph by thumping Italy 4-0 in the final of Euro 2012. Amidst some criticism that they're boring, Spain's record in the last six years is simply astonishing.

Here's a short list of Spain's achievements:

Australia vs Japan

Japan arrived full of confidence and in form. Australia arrived battle-weary from a tough away match in Oman. But it didn't seem to matter. Australia threw everything into the match, while Japan absorbed it and used their skill. It was a thrilling match that finished 1-1. Probably a fair result, all things considered.


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