Australia vs China

Australia kicked off the business end of qualifying with an important win.

Australia vs Jordan

Australia completed Group B with a perfect record.

Nepal vs Australia

Australia confirmed they will finish at the top of their group.

Australia vs Chinese Taipei

A comfortable win over one of the minnows of qualifying.

Kuwait vs Australia

After 567 days without playing, the Socceroos are back!

Revolution Of The Daleks

The Daleks are back (again) and we farewell two companions.

The Timeless Children

The Master reveals a simply extraordinary secret to the Doctor while the battle against the Cybermen continues.

Ascension Of The Cybermen

While ostensibly another Cyberman adventure, there are some intriguing subplots.

The Haunting Of Villa Diodati

Another episode where we meet key figures from history; this time Mary Shelley on the eve of the inspiration for Frankenstein's monster.

Can You Hear Me?

The team take a well-earned break that is interrupted by nightmares.


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