The Birthday Girl

It's Tinkerbell's birthday today. When she awoke she announced, "The birthday girl would like some breakfast now." And so it went for most of the morning. "The birthday girl will now ..."

Cricketing Debut

Naruto played his first competitive cricket match in the Under 9s today. Each batting pair gets six overs. Each bowler a maximum of three. Naruto took a catch as wicket-keeper, got a wicket, top-scored with 21 and was voted Man of the Match. All in his first game! It took me forever to reach some of those milestones in my cricketing career. Truly, it is a parent's destiny to be surpassed by their children.

Melbourne Planetarium

We visited the Melbourne Planetarium today. It was very cool. They even had Fisher Space Pens (background) in the gift shop, so I bought myself one. Very cool.

The Dressing Gown Snatcher

Tinkerbell left the living room wearing pyjamas and dressing gown. She returned, from the bathroom I think, sans dressing gown. About a minute later she exclaimed, "Hey, who took my dressing gown off?"

The Modern Child

We watched a quiz show on TV tonight. One of the questions asked for the name of a common communications device. Naruto jumped in with "comlink". The correct answer was "telephone".

Granite What?

Read a sign outside a building materials shop. They were offering "Granite of cuts". For some reason I couldn't figure out what they meant. Jamie sorted it though: "Granite Offcuts". It seems so easy when you say it out load.

Face Off

Tinkerbell finished up with a very dirty face following a bowl of spaghetti for dinner. The following conversation ensued:

Jamie: Oh Tinkerbell, look at your face.
Tinkerbell: I know where it is Mummy. It's right in front of me and I can't see it.

Phone Conference Neologism

With the school holidays, I was at work, Jamie and Tinkerbell were staying at Jamie's Mum's and Naruto was at his cousins' house. For the morning catch-up call I called Jamie and conferenced in the cousin's house, so we could all talk at once. Naruto was a little confused at first, he thought Jamie and I must be together, but then I explained what was happening. His response, "So it's like a tri-connection." Brilliant, much better than phone conference. I will use it from now on.

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Truly there is a day for everything :) Don't forget to talk like a pirate today.

And for some good piratey exclamations, why not pick something from the extensive list of Captain Haddock exclamations. Is there nothing you can't find on the web?

Making You Shop

Ever gone into a shop and ended up purchasing more than you planned? It should come as no surprise that this is not an accident. All sorts of scientific research has gone into determining the ideal conditions to encourage you to spend. Here's a nice A-Z list from the Space Hijackers of some of the tricks (if you can bear the annoying background image). See if you can spot any next time you shop.


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