A Strange Washing Machine

I had to drop off a DVD player for repair today. The repair shop catered for all sorts of household appliances and even sold a few. One that caught my eye was a washing machine with a "Stanil Steam Drum". Should be concerned about it, you could take comfort in the fact it came with "a 24-Moth warranty".

When You're Invisible

Jamie picked Tinkerbell up from pre-school today. Unfortunately Tinkerbell was quite enjoying what she was doing and pretended to be very busy and ignored Jamie.

Jamie: Hello Tinkerbell.
Tinkerbell: I can't see you Mummy.
Jamie: Does that mean I'm not here?
Tinkerbell: Yes.

Mind Your Language

Jamie was driving with Tinkerbell today. When another driver cut in front and forced Jamie to brake heavily, the following conversation ensued.

Jamie: You *^(#$ idiot!
Tinkerbell: Mummy, you said a bad word. Don't call someone an idiot.

The Chaser Tribute To Doctor Who

Andrew Hansen (who is a fan apparently) from The Chaser has done a wicked send-up of Doctor Who fans (shown on the ABC last night). I thought it was hilarious. However I do feel that Jamie laughed just a little too hard.

Naturally there's a Wikipedia entry on Doctor Who spoofs.

I'm So Dizzy

Here's an excerpt from a phone conversation between Tinkerbell (at home) and me (at work) today. The home phone was in hands-free (loudspeaker) mode.

Tinkerbell: Are you dizzy?
Me: No, why?
Tinkerbell: Because I'm spinning the phone.
Me: Oh I see. That doesn't make me spin.
Tinkerbell: I could spin the house, then you would.

Programmer Types

Hacknot has a wonderful list of programmer types. Have a read and then see if you can recognise any in your workplace.

I've seen Arrogant Arthur, Essential Eric, Incompetent Ian, Quiet Quincy (although I'm not convinced this is a bad one) and X-Files Xavier.

Playschool Turns 40

The venerable institution that is Play School turns 40 today. I watched it and loved it as a kid. And now my kids do too. The SMH has some coverage.

Missing Mummy

Jamie is away at a school camp all this week. After only two days I heard Tinkerbell singing, "I hope my Mummy comes back Friday because I miss her everyday."

The Case of the Missing Wheat Wrap

I've been making my own lunches at work for quite a while. For most of this year, I've been using wheat wraps. I typically buy them in packs of eight and use two a day. A while back I came to make my lunch and there was only one wrap left. I figured I must have made a mistake somewhere, but made a mental note to keep an eye out.

Well today it happened again. There's only one wrap left. And I know I've used exactly six. And the pack definitely says eight. I can tolerate a bit of "contents may settle" but this is a rip-off.

Four Dads

I arrived to drop off L at pre-school this morning at a reasonably busy time and there were three other cars there. And they were all being driven by the Dads. And no-one was rushing through the morning drop-off routine. Good to see.


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