The Family of Blood

This was a drawn out and occasionally boring episode. The resolution of the threat is almost incidental to John Smith, who gradually realises who he really is but wants to remain human. The Doctor, it seems, longs for an ordinary life.

There's much to think about in this story. We return to the theme of the lonely God. John Smith likes his ordinary life. He can see a future with Joan. From his dreams he realises that some aspects of the Doctor's life are horrible. He scoffs at a man who did not think to include love in his list of instructions to Martha.

Human Nature

The Doctor and Martha are on the run from the Family and are hiding in England in 1913. The Doctor has taken the extreme step of becoming human to avoid detection. As part of transformation he "forgets" who he is and takes on the persona of a school teacher named John Smith. But the Family track him down. Unaware of who he really is, and with Martha unable to change him back, the Family try to scare him into reverting into a Time Lord by threatening to kill his friend or his lover. His choice. And the episode ends.


The Doctor and Martha materialise on a spaceship in trouble. It's orbiting a sun, unable to escape its pull and there's 42 minutes left until it crashes. The Doctor and Martha save the day in a thrilling story, involving a living sun, with just seconds to spare.

This episode features a couple of firsts. I'm sure this is the only episode title that is a simple number. (And 42 is surely a hat-tip to Douglas Adams.) It's also the first episode I can recall being told in real time, 42 minutes being the approximate length of an episode.

People Search

Spock is a new search engine that focuses on searching for people and the relationships between people. So you search for a name and get back a list of results - pretty standard stuff. It gets interesting when you click on the link for a person. You get a photo, tags and related people. The relationships are tagged and in some cases hilarious.

The Lazarus Experiment

The Doctor drops Martha off at home, her stay in the TARDIS apparently over. He leaves, but promptly returns, wondering what some guy on the TV meant by changing what it means to be human. Martha and the Doctor attend a party, along with most of Martha's family. The host is the guy who turns out to be Professor Richard Lazarus and uses a machine to turn back the clock. He steps out of it looking 40 years younger.

Asian Cup Wrap

Now that the tournament is over, it's time to reflect on Australia's performance. Our ledger was the same as the World Cup, ie. one win, one draw and one loss in the group stage, second in our group and a narrow loss in the first knockout stage. However, few supporters would rate the performance as anywhere as good.

Iraq Wins The Asian Cup

Iraq defeated Saudi Arabia 1-0 in normal time to claim their first Asian Cup title. A little surprising perhaps, but I'm pleased as I was barracking for them.

Evolution of the Daleks

A satisfactory, but not outstanding, conclusion to the two-part dalek story. It was not quite as good as Daleks in Manhattan but it did explore new and very interesting territory.

Asian Cup Semi-Finals

The Asian Cup semi-finals, sans Australia, were played overnight. Saudi Arabia defeated Japan 3-2 in normal time, while Iraq defeated South Korea on penalties after the match finished 0-0.

Daleks in Manhattan

After a slightly dull episode, Daleks in Manhattan was a magnificent return to form. The four daleks of the Cult of Skaro have survived Doomsday and escaped via their emergency temporal shift to 1930's New York. They ponder why humans always survive, their city of New York is replicated across the Universe, while Skaro is destroyed and they are all that is left.

In a similar fashion, when the Doctor first sees a dalek during this episode, he laments that they always survive and he always loses everything.


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