Smith and Jones

Just two days after The Runaway Bride we get another episode. It's a more proper start to the series, reflecting the fact than in England several months (not two days) elapsed between the corresponding initial screenings, with Martha Jones, the new companion, joining in this episode.

The Runaway Bride

The Doctor finally returns in Series III. The new episode follows on immediately where the last episode left off. It was played as the Christmas Special in England, but we had to wait until the end of June. As befits a Christmas Special, it's big, loud and funny. Catherine Tate as the Doctor's companion (of sorts) is hilarious.

Help around the home

Tinkerbell: Mummy, if we lived in the Star Wars world, you could have a six-armed alien to help you with the house work.
Mummy: That would be great wouldn't it.
Tinkerbell: Yeah, and he could fight Darth Vader too.

The Big Eye

Tinkerbell's pre-school has a video monitor that lets the staff and children see who is ringing the front door bell. For some time now, when I drop Tinkerbell off, I wave to Tinkerbell on the monitor on the way out while she remains inside. It helps ease the separation.

One day I looked into the monitor up close with my eye. Tinkerbell liked this, so I kept doing it. Eventually other kids wanted me to do the "big eye" as well (which is how it would appear on the monitor inside). I'd also do requests for the big ear, etc.

A-League 2006-07 Grand Final

In a good sign for football, I felt obliged to watch the A-League Grand Final, even though my team did not feature. Furthermore, I had to leave home and go to the pub to do so, as the A-League is only shown on pay tv. Many of my clubmates were there too.

The match was of good quality, although in the end, Melbourne ran away with it. The final result was 6-0! With Archie Thompson scoring five, a record that's likely to stand for quite a while. A new record for a crowd was also set: 55,436.

Sydney vs Melbourne

A record crowd of 50,333 turned out at the Telstra Dome in Melbourne to see Sydney FC taken on the Melbourne Victory in Round 16 of the 2006-07 season of the A-League. This is fantastic news and great for the sport. And apparently the crowd was bigger than all bar one of the English Premier League for the same weekend. Unfortunately the match ended in a 0-0 draw.

U2 - Vertigo Concert

Last night Jamie and I went to see U2 as part of their Vertigo Tour and it was fantastic. We had general admission tickets and were right down the front, just outside the special enclosed area. Check out the setlist and photos.

Kanye West was the opening act. Some of it was alright, but about all I got out of it was the right to say I've been to a rap concert :)

The Birthday Girl

It's Tinkerbell's birthday today. When she awoke she announced, "The birthday girl would like some breakfast now." And so it went for most of the morning. "The birthday girl will now ..."

Cricketing Debut

Naruto played his first competitive cricket match in the Under 9s today. Each batting pair gets six overs. Each bowler a maximum of three. Naruto took a catch as wicket-keeper, got a wicket, top-scored with 21 and was voted Man of the Match. All in his first game! It took me forever to reach some of those milestones in my cricketing career. Truly, it is a parent's destiny to be surpassed by their children.

Melbourne Planetarium

We visited the Melbourne Planetarium today. It was very cool. They even had Fisher Space Pens (background) in the gift shop, so I bought myself one. Very cool.


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