Australia Qualifies For 2007 Asian Cup

Australia defeated Kuwait 2-0 at the SFS in its second group match this evening. Results elsewhere and the withdrawal of Lebanon, mean we have qualified for the finals already. The Socceroos squad was made up entirely of A-League players. While a bit scrappy, they got the job done. The ABC has a match report.

Not White Bread

I think it is generally accepted that kids prefer white bread over brown. Naruto, on the other hand, has always preferred brown, probably because that's all we ever gave him. Last night we were out of bread so I popped out to the local store to get some more. They only had white bread left so that's what I got.

So when I made Naruto a sandwich for his lunch today it was made with white bread. Now I know he prefers brown, but do you really expect the following from a kid.

Naruto: What's this sandwich? White bread?!

He almost didn't eat it.

The Shampoo Incident

Jamie had to wash her hair today. The shampoo bottle proved exceptionally difficult to open and use in the shower, resulting in much muttering from the bathroom. It is somewhat ironic then, that the particular brand of shampoo advertises itself as "unstressful shampoo".

High Phones

Yet another phone conversation with Tinkerbell in a similar vein to I'm So Dizzy. Tinkerbell is at home and I'm at work. The home phone was in hands-free (loudspeaker) mode.

Tinkerbell: I'm holding the phone up high, can you reach it?

TV Heaven

Wow, three of my all-time favourite TV shows are on air at the moment: The West Wing, Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who.

The Web is 15 Years Old

The World Wide Web is now fifteen years old. From such humble beginnings, who knew what it would turn out to be? This means I've been playing with HTML for 10 years now! It was so simple back then. Now there's HTML, XML, XHTML, CSS and the standards just keep on getting bigger. It's not too bad though as there are now many tools to help you. If only browser compatibility wasn't such an issue. Still.

Airport Security

We flew down to Melbourne this weekend for a family function. On the way down I had to go through the metal detector three times. In the end I had to remove my shoes and belt to get through. On the way back, I had no trouble with the metal detector with the same shoes and belt. However the X-Ray technician wanted to check my deodorant aerosol in my carry on luggage. This passed without complaint on the way down.

Just Reward?

I went to the physio today. The practice is located at Olympic Park, Homebush. Upon entering the building I passed the Ian Thorpe Theatrette. Now Thorpe is one of greatest ever Olympic athletes and all he gets is a theatrette? What have you got to do to earn a full theatre?

Truth in Dreams?

Tinkerbell had a dream last night which she described to me.

Tinkerbell: There was a monster in a box and it got out and Naruto put it back in. And you were in the dream too!
Me: Really? Did I help you with the monster too?
Tinkerbell: No, you were on the computer and Mummy was out shopping.

They notice everything don't they :)

A Strange Washing Machine

I had to drop off a DVD player for repair today. The repair shop catered for all sorts of household appliances and even sold a few. One that caught my eye was a washing machine with a "Stanil Steam Drum". Should be concerned about it, you could take comfort in the fact it came with "a 24-Moth warranty".


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