Australia vs Kuwait

From the perspective of results, this was the perfect start for Australia. There's still work to do, not least managing the expectations of supporters, but you'd take this any day.

Last Christmas

One of the better episodes rounds off this season. This Christmas special was very Christmassy with Santa making a strong cameo. The storyline was solid, although the many influences were a little hard to ignore.

World Cup Review

After deliberately letting the dust settle for a considerable period, a look back at the 2014 World Cup.

Japan vs Australia

You can't always read too much into a friendly, but I think we can say that Australia is going to struggle at the Asian Cup.

Death In Heaven

A pretty good climax to the series with a rather macabre premise.

Dark Water

This episode began with a thoroughly disturbing theory of the afterlife, settled into a standard episode and then blew me away with an astonishing revelation and a great cliffhanger.

In The Forest Of The Night

An atmospheric, as opposed to frightening, episode that stands up well. The Earth is covered in trees that have sprung up overnight. The Doctor, Clara and Danny find out why.


A clever, creepy and satisfying episode that gave Clara the chance to the shine while the Doctor is trapped.

Sydney Derby

The Sydney derby has become one of the great sporting highlights in Sydney. This was just the seventh one ever, but it was an absolute cracker (esp. if you're a Sydney FC fan).

Mummy On The Orient Express

A throughly enjoyable episode with a scary new monster, great story telling and more insights into the Doctor's character.


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