Australia vs Saudi Arabia

We weren't at our best, but we came away with a precious, precious win.

The Lie Of The Land

The setup for the final episode in the trilogy of Monk episodes was good, but the final resolution was weak.

The Pyramid At The End Of The World

A mysterious pyramid appears and the Doctor is recruited to help. The Monks are behind it and things turn out very badly for Earth.


An atmospheric episode told partly in flashback with a complex story and a new villain.


The Doctor, Bill and (for a change) Nardole, respond to a distress signal and arrive at a space station where oxygen is at a premium and is apparently being overrun by zombies.

Knock Knock

Bill and her flatmates struggle without luck to find a new place to live, until a mysterious landlord makes them an offer to good to refuse. The Doctor finds something in their new house to worry him and won't leave despite Bill's best efforts.

Thin Ice

A return to form as the Doctor and Bill battle a monster beneath the frozen Thames in early 19th century London, only to find the real monster is above ground.


A quick trip in the TARDIS turns into a bit of a nightmare.

The Pilot

After a whole year off, we finally have a regular episode. It looks like it was worth the wait.

Australia vs U.A.E.

The Socceroos ground out a crucial home win to keep our qualification chances alive.


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