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Bread For The Diet-What?

I couldn't find my usual wheat bread in the grocery store today. Looking for an alternative, I found Sorj Bread. I was a little disappointed in who it was intended for: the "diet concious".

I'm sure I have a rose-coloured glasses on when I reflect that in the past, copywriters and signwriters took great care over their output. But honestly, these days, the number of mistakes is just depressing. This one's pretty bad as a simple spell-check would have picked this up.

Large Chocolate Animal?

We visited a chocolate shop as part of our trip to New Zealand. I'm not sure they describe one of their products quite as they intended.

Favourite Apostrophe Violations

I like words and in particular unusual ones or incorrect ones. The attached image is of my barber's price list. It contains many examples of probably the most common grammatical error: incorrect apostrophes. Normally I find these annoying, but these are so egregious and there's so many in one place that it's become my favourite example. I will continue to have my hair cut there while they keep the sign.

The Speeches of MLK

I didn't know this, but the third Monday in January is Martin Luther King Day in the USA. Turns out he's one of only three people who have a national holiday in the USA. (The other two are George Washington and Jesus.) Inspired, I searched the web and (not surprisingly) found you can download all of his speeches. I tried out the famous 'I Have A Dream" speech. It runs for 16 minutes and covers a lot of ground. Somewhat surprisingly "I Have A Dream" is not a prominent theme. It's a well structured, thought provoking speech that covers a lot of social justice issues.

Out Of Sorts

I saw a For Sale today containing the words "sort after position". Immediately I knew something was wrong, but it took a couple of seconds to figure out what it was.

The Modern Child

We watched a quiz show on TV tonight. One of the questions asked for the name of a common communications device. Naruto jumped in with "comlink". The correct answer was "telephone".

Granite What?

Read a sign outside a building materials shop. They were offering "Granite of cuts". For some reason I couldn't figure out what they meant. Jamie sorted it though: "Granite Offcuts". It seems so easy when you say it out load.

Phone Conference Neologism

With the school holidays, I was at work, Jamie and Tinkerbell were staying at Jamie's Mum's and Naruto was at his cousins' house. For the morning catch-up call I called Jamie and conferenced in the cousin's house, so we could all talk at once. Naruto was a little confused at first, he thought Jamie and I must be together, but then I explained what was happening. His response, "So it's like a tri-connection." Brilliant, much better than phone conference. I will use it from now on.

Words Not To Misspell


The Shampoo Incident

Jamie had to wash her hair today. The shampoo bottle proved exceptionally difficult to open and use in the shower, resulting in much muttering from the bathroom. It is somewhat ironic then, that the particular brand of shampoo advertises itself as "unstressful shampoo".


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