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Don't Be Different

Bruce Schneier has an excellent article about the practical implications of the war on terror. In short, if you encourage ordinary citizens to report anything "suspicious" and security staff automatically escalate the report (to cover their ass), then madness ensues.

Need A Car?

This morning I dropped my car off for my local car wash (in the bottom level car park at the shopping mall closest to work). It generally takes an hour or so for the washing, cleaning, polishing, and so on, so I leave my car there and come back later. When I returned I discovered an alarming lack of security.

Social Engineering At The Rugby

Wow, my second security story within a week! Following on from the Chaser exploit at APEC an enterprising fellow joined the Wallabies on their victory lap after they defeated Wales (as part of the 2007 World Cup).

Chaser Motorcade Fools APEC Security

The boys from The Chaser staged a remarkable stunt last Friday, with the full footage shown on tonight's show. Basically they mocked up a motorcade and headed for the secure zone of the APEC conference. Much to their surprise they were waved through two checkpoints before deciding to turn around before they got into real trouble. The incident made the news world-wide.

Airport Security

We flew down to Melbourne this weekend for a family function. On the way down I had to go through the metal detector three times. In the end I had to remove my shoes and belt to get through. On the way back, I had no trouble with the metal detector with the same shoes and belt. However the X-Ray technician wanted to check my deodorant aerosol in my carry on luggage. This passed without complaint on the way down.

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