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License Tests Too Easy?

I'm in the process of obtaining my motorcycle riders license. I thought I'd make a start on the knowledge tests. So I decided to take the online practice test before I brushed up on my road rules and read the motorcycle-specific rules for the first time. I figured this would give me an idea of how much work I needed to put in.

What Are The Odds?

In the past month I've seen two different number plates that are the same as mine except for just one letter or number. This seems pretty chancy to me. So just what are the odds of this happening?

Need A Car?

This morning I dropped my car off for my local car wash (in the bottom level car park at the shopping mall closest to work). It generally takes an hour or so for the washing, cleaning, polishing, and so on, so I leave my car there and come back later. When I returned I discovered an alarming lack of security.

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