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<p>Doctor Who</p>

Legend Of The Sea Devils

An all-out effort be swash-buckling leaves a little to be desired.

Eve Of The Daleks

The premise of this story was very simple, however it really drew me in.

The Vanquishers

Everything works out in the end in a convoluted, dramatic finale.

Survivors Of The Flux

A gripping setup to the finale of the Flux.

Village Of The Angels

The Doctor battles the Weeping Angels again and makes a bargain with a rogue Angel.

Once, Upon Time

A dense episode that plays with the origins of time and offers the Doctor a chance to access forgotten memories.

War Of The Sontarans

The source of the Flux is revealed after a battle with the Sontarans.

The Halloween Apocolypse

The long awaited return of the Doctor in Series XIII, the story of the Flux told over 6 episodes.

Revolution Of The Daleks

The Daleks are back (again) and we farewell two companions.

The Timeless Children

The Master reveals a simply extraordinary secret to the Doctor while the battle against the Cybermen continues.


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