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Career Change

Today I started not just a new job, but a new career. Yes, I've left behind software engineering and made my "other career" my professional career. I'm now the Operations and Facilities manager for a large sporting organisation. I wonder if I can still call myself a geek?

For those of you who've noticed the motorbike license and now the career change, I know you're thinking "mid-life crisis", but you'd be wrong. Although, if you can recommend a good tattoo parlour, I'd be interested :)

Vale: Steve Irwin

I haven't been a big fan of the Crocodile Hunter, although his Australia Zoo is excellent. Nevertheless his death is still rather shocking. Surprisingly to me, it's huge news around the world, especially in the USA. Who knew he was so famous?

His death, due to a sting ray, is the third such recorded death in Australia. Incredibly a colleague at work is the grandson of one of the others.

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