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Help around the home

Tinkerbell: Mummy, if we lived in the Star Wars world, you could have a six-armed alien to help you with the house work.
Mummy: That would be great wouldn't it.
Tinkerbell: Yeah, and he could fight Darth Vader too.

Cricketing Debut

Naruto played his first competitive cricket match in the Under 9s today. Each batting pair gets six overs. Each bowler a maximum of three. Naruto took a catch as wicket-keeper, got a wicket, top-scored with 21 and was voted Man of the Match. All in his first game! It took me forever to reach some of those milestones in my cricketing career. Truly, it is a parent's destiny to be surpassed by their children.

Four Dads

I arrived to drop off L at pre-school this morning at a reasonably busy time and there were three other cars there. And they were all being driven by the Dads. And no-one was rushing through the morning drop-off routine. Good to see.


L has been learning some new social skills at pre-school. These centre around threatening to no longer be someone's friend if they don't do what L wants. This has been extended at home to threatening J that she will no longer be his sister.

A few days later it finally happened. Despite over three years of faithful service, hundreds of stories before bedtime, etc. etc. I am disowned. For requiring L to eat her vegetables, she has relinquished me. "I'm not your daughter any more." The unkindest cut of all.

BTW, I'm sure this is a girl thing. J never did this.

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