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Food Menus Redux

Our local pub has already featured herein. After several years they have finally updated their menu, retiring some of our favourite typos. If you were thinking they would take extra care with their new menu, you'd be wrong. Leaping out is a new contender: Chichen Burger.

Under What?

It's almost becoming too easy to go out and find incorrect signs ...

What Sort of Garments?

Not sure if I have any of these types of garments to take to the cleaners.

A Couple of Recent Photos

A couple of recent snaps: the reason the Labor Party ditched Kevin and a worrisome ATM.

An End To A Quirky Tradition

When we moved into the area about 10 years ago, we started ordering take-away from the local Thai restaurant. Jamie would order and I would go and pick up. The first time we did this, I picked up the order in Jamie's name. Since then the staff have addressed me as Jamie.

A New Take On Google Ad Words

Spotted this while driving and just had to follow until I could get a snap. You've got to admire the ingenuity. It appears to work too.

HTML on the TV

Spotted the following images on Eurosport yesterday. Some poor editorial control has seen some HTML leaking into the scrolling news bar at the bottom of the screen. This happened two days running.

Food Menus

Menus (of the type found in bistros and restaurants, not websites or software) are often a source of humorous typos. Last night's trip to the local pub was no exception. The first was "chilllis" (with three l's), although given the font they were using this was hard to spot and can be forgiven. "Banga's and Mash" though was an interesting variation on a theme, managing to cram a mis-spelling and an apostrophe violation into the one word.


Naruto was in a grumpy mood the other day.

Jamie: You know it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.
Naruto: I like to keep fit.

Another Word Not To Misspell

The context for this one only adds to the humour. Here's another one.


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