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Australia vs New Zealand

A friendly against the Kiwis is normally anything but and this was no exception. However, it was Australia who behaved poorly with a couple of very rash tackles. We also played poorly. New Zealand took a deserved early lead in the first half. We picked up a bit in the second half and probably deserved our equaliser. We then pinched a goal with nothing on the clock to claim an undeserved win.

Large Chocolate Animal?

We visited a chocolate shop as part of our trip to New Zealand. I'm not sure they describe one of their products quite as they intended.

Reflections on NZ

We've just been to New Zealand for a two week holiday. It was a wonderful trip! We had great weather (unlike Sydney), some snow and managed to do a lot of fun things. NZ stacks up pretty well compared to Australia.

Open Law Making

Here's an intriguing idea - a wiki enabling the general public to suggest the form of the New Zealand Police Act. The Act will be 50 years old next year and suggestions are invited for its replacement. While not exactly a new idea, it's an interesting experiment for a federal government. I hope they've got sensible SPAM measures in place.

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