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It's Just Not Cricket

Reflections on Australian cricket's ball-tampering scandal.

Spanish Football Rules

Spain completed an amazing triumph by thumping Italy 4-0 in the final of Euro 2012. Amidst some criticism that they're boring, Spain's record in the last six years is simply astonishing.

Here's a short list of Spain's achievements:

A-League 2011-2012

Another season of the A-League has now come and gone. So how did it fare? It was a promising start: Kewell and Emerton were back in the country playing, Brisbane Roar looked unbeatable and set a new Australia record and crowds were up a little on last year. At the tail end though, Palmer lost the plot and Gold Coast folded and Tinkler tried to hand his license back. Clearly all is not well. However, I think on balance it was a good season.

An Aussie Wins Le Tour

On Sunday Cadel Evans became the first Australia to win Le Tour de France. An extraordinary achievement, but how does it compare to other efforts by Australians?

Basketball Shots

Naruto plays basketball. I missed his last game so I inquired as to how he went. His team won. Then I asked if he scored any points. "No." he replied, "I had three shots and I missed them both." Much hilarity in the kitchen. To be fair, he did correct himself pretty quickly.

Festival of the Boot

It was Grand Final weekend here in Australia. Two of the big football codes had their Grand Finals this long weekend. A bit of an anti-climax in the end. Meanwhile in the rugby World Cup, the pool games finished overnight.

First cab off the rank for the weekend was the AFL, with Geelong seeking their first flag in 44 years. And they did it in style. So much so, the match ended up being pretty boring. Geelong won by over 100 points, settings records for highest score and biggest winning margin in a Grand Final.

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