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Basketball Shots

Naruto plays basketball. I missed his last game so I inquired as to how he went. His team won. Then I asked if he scored any points. "No." he replied, "I had three shots and I missed them both." Much hilarity in the kitchen. To be fair, he did correct himself pretty quickly.

Daylight Saving

Daylight Saving Time finished yesterday, which was unusual as it normally finishes on the last Sunday of March. This has caused the usual assortment of problems.

What's The Point?

I don't have much time for drinking games, but I did spot this rather unusual caveat the other day. Here's a drinking game that comes in a box - which seems overly complicated for the matter at hand - with the following unusual safety instruction (see the red text at bottom of the image) - "Not intended for use with alcoholic beverages". Seriously, what is the point of this drinking game then?

Drinking Game

My Amazon Thinks I'm Geek

OK, it's not quite in the same league as My Tivo Thinks I'm Gay, but my latest personalised recommendations from Amazon contained an odd suggestion.

Trouble in the Travel Section

Jamie popped into the supermarket while I minded the kids in the car. I grabbed the SMH News Review to pass the time. Tinkerbell decided to get in on the act and asked for something to read. I passed her the Travel section. She began reading, mainly the headlines and turning the pages. After a while she complained that someone had used a bad word in the newspaper. Wondering what it could be, I turned and asked her to show me. "Look Dad," she pointed, "Phuket."

Chaser Motorcade Fools APEC Security

The boys from The Chaser staged a remarkable stunt last Friday, with the full footage shown on tonight's show. Basically they mocked up a motorcade and headed for the secure zone of the APEC conference. Much to their surprise they were waved through two checkpoints before deciding to turn around before they got into real trouble. The incident made the news world-wide.

Help around the home

Tinkerbell: Mummy, if we lived in the Star Wars world, you could have a six-armed alien to help you with the house work.
Mummy: That would be great wouldn't it.
Tinkerbell: Yeah, and he could fight Darth Vader too.

The Birthday Girl

It's Tinkerbell's birthday today. When she awoke she announced, "The birthday girl would like some breakfast now." And so it went for most of the morning. "The birthday girl will now ..."

The Dressing Gown Snatcher

Tinkerbell left the living room wearing pyjamas and dressing gown. She returned, from the bathroom I think, sans dressing gown. About a minute later she exclaimed, "Hey, who took my dressing gown off?"

The Modern Child

We watched a quiz show on TV tonight. One of the questions asked for the name of a common communications device. Naruto jumped in with "comlink". The correct answer was "telephone".


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