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Naruto was in a grumpy mood the other day.

Jamie: You know it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.
Naruto: I like to keep fit.

Trouble in the Travel Section

Jamie popped into the supermarket while I minded the kids in the car. I grabbed the SMH News Review to pass the time. Tinkerbell decided to get in on the act and asked for something to read. I passed her the Travel section. She began reading, mainly the headlines and turning the pages. After a while she complained that someone had used a bad word in the newspaper. Wondering what it could be, I turned and asked her to show me. "Look Dad," she pointed, "Phuket."

Help around the home

Tinkerbell: Mummy, if we lived in the Star Wars world, you could have a six-armed alien to help you with the house work.
Mummy: That would be great wouldn't it.
Tinkerbell: Yeah, and he could fight Darth Vader too.

Face Off

Tinkerbell finished up with a very dirty face following a bowl of spaghetti for dinner. The following conversation ensued:

Jamie: Oh Tinkerbell, look at your face.
Tinkerbell: I know where it is Mummy. It's right in front of me and I can't see it.

High Phones

Yet another phone conversation with Tinkerbell in a similar vein to I'm So Dizzy. Tinkerbell is at home and I'm at work. The home phone was in hands-free (loudspeaker) mode.

Tinkerbell: I'm holding the phone up high, can you reach it?

Truth in Dreams?

Tinkerbell had a dream last night which she described to me.

Tinkerbell: There was a monster in a box and it got out and Naruto put it back in. And you were in the dream too!
Me: Really? Did I help you with the monster too?
Tinkerbell: No, you were on the computer and Mummy was out shopping.

They notice everything don't they :)

When You're Invisible

Jamie picked Tinkerbell up from pre-school today. Unfortunately Tinkerbell was quite enjoying what she was doing and pretended to be very busy and ignored Jamie.

Jamie: Hello Tinkerbell.
Tinkerbell: I can't see you Mummy.
Jamie: Does that mean I'm not here?
Tinkerbell: Yes.

Mind Your Language

Jamie was driving with Tinkerbell today. When another driver cut in front and forced Jamie to brake heavily, the following conversation ensued.

Jamie: You *^(#$ idiot!
Tinkerbell: Mummy, you said a bad word. Don't call someone an idiot.

I'm So Dizzy

Here's an excerpt from a phone conversation between Tinkerbell (at home) and me (at work) today. The home phone was in hands-free (loudspeaker) mode.

Tinkerbell: Are you dizzy?
Me: No, why?
Tinkerbell: Because I'm spinning the phone.
Me: Oh I see. That doesn't make me spin.
Tinkerbell: I could spin the house, then you would.

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