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Victory Of The Daleks

The daleks are back, but what on Earth are they up to? Perhaps more significantly, why can't Amy remember who they are? A mysterious and occasionally hilarious episode that sees the daleks regenerate yet again into something more dangerous.

The Beast Below

This is the first "normal" episode of the new series, ie. not a regeneration episode or a special. And I think we are starting to see the more thoughtful approach of Steven Moffat. As with The Eleventh Hour it's something hiding in the shadows (in this case the beast below) and the Doctor's ability to notice things and understand what's going on while Amy sees nothing. What follows is a gripping episode with lots of suspense, just a few snippets of humour and a difficult decision for the Doctor.

The Eleventh Hour

After a long wait - let's face it, just four episodes in 2009 was insufficient - the Doctor is back. A new theme/intro, a new logo, a new producer, a new face, a new companion, a new TARDIS, even a new sonic screwdriver, and yet, so many references to the past. This blend of old and new looks very, very promising. For a first episode, this is up there with the best. Better than Eccleston's or Tennant's. Bring it on, I say.

The End Of Time (Part II)

More space opera from Russell Davies as his reign comes to an end and David Tennant finishes his time as The Doctor. But for all that, it was a pretty solid episode. A little over the top, but not as much as some other season endings. Many loose ends were tied up and David Tennant given ample opportunity to farewell his role in style.

The Vinvocci (also unchanged by the gate) rescue the Doctor and Wilf in the "worst rescue ever" (the Doctor's words). They escape to the Vinvocci's ship in orbit and hide.

The End Of Time (Part I)

The first half of two-part finale to Season IV, David Tennant as the 10th Doctor and Russell Davies as Producer. The episode begins with the resurrection of the Master (can he ever be killed?) and ends with the Master taking over humanity. But this is portrayed as only a small thing in comparison to an underlying event - the return of the Time Lords!

SF Movies in 2009

2009 seemed to be a bit of a block-buster year for SF movies. By my count I saw five big movies at the cinemas this year: Watchmen, Transformers 2, Star Trek, District 9 and Avatar.

The Waters Of Mars

A good, solid episode with lots of action, several portents of the future and the Doctor overreaching himself. After a long wait, it was good to have him back on TV.

The episode begins with the Doctor apparently doing a bit of sightseeing on Mars. He discovers a base (from Earth) and is promptly captured. All is normal until the Doctor discovers he knows about this particular base, its crew and that they all died on the very day he has arrived. (This is just a little too much of a coincidence for mine.)

Planet of the Dead

With a long break between episodes, this one seemed a little ... rusty. The actors were good, as were some of the special effects, but the story didn't really grab me. Average is the best I can give this one.

The episode begins with a cat burglar (Lady Christina) stealing a rare cup. She makes her escape on a bus. The Doctor joins her. At first it seems he's following her, but it turns out to be coincidence. Then the bus travels through a worm-hole to another planet. The police chasing Christina call in UNIT.

The Next Doctor

The 2008 Christmas Special, shown Down Under exactly one month after Christmas - a real bonus as we normally have to wait six months. The episode itself was pretty solid, with just the annoying silliness of the CyberKing spoiling it a bit.

The title is no doubt meant to intrigue. Prior to screening in the UK, David Tennant had announced he was leaving the show, but at the end of 2009. So what was this all about? Further, between the screening in the UK and Australia, the 11th Doctor was announced as Matt Smith.

Journey's End

The climax of Season IV is bigger and bolder than ever before. In the end Davros and the daleks are defeated of course. But the manner of the defeat is extraordinary. But behind all this is a second story and it's not one of victory. You have to watch the episode to get a feel for it: it's space opera to be sure. Overall, quite a strong episode, if a little erratic with all the action and companions.


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