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The Stolen Earth

The first part of the two-part season finale is excellent. We start to see all the series IV threads come together in an episode featuring an unprecedented number of crossovers, companions and the return of an old enemy. Classic.

The episode begins where we left off in Turn Left. The Doctor is concerned the universe is about to end and returns immediately to Earth. Only to find everything is normal. And then the Earth disappears and the Doctor and Donna are left behind in the TARDIS in empty space.

Turn Left

An intriguing episode that explores what life on Earth would be like without the Doctor. As a result the Doctor appears only briefly at the start and end of the episode. The focus is on Donna and how a single decision changed her life and history to an extraordinary extent.


An unusual, quite claustrophobic episode, set almost entirely within a single cramped set. Donna is only a bit part and the TARDIS does not appear (for the first time since 1975 apparently). The Doctor, a stewardess and some travellers must deal with unique alien threat that enters their stalled ship. This single room is where all the action takes place.

Forest of the Dead

Another clever episode that went a long way to answering most of the questions raised in Silence in the Library. But, in a way, the story was almost incidental to one person: River Song. Who is she? How does the know the Doctor's real name? Could she be his wife?

Silence In The Library

A very clever, intriguing and spooky episode. The Doctor takes Donna to the greatest library in the Universe. But the Vashna Nerada - basically the shadows - have killed everyone. This is the first part of a two-part episode - and it basically lays out the land and leaves many questions open and un-answered.

The Unicorn and the Wasp

An absolutely marvellous episode, full of wit and charm. The Doctor and Donna meet Agatha Christie in the 1920s at a party. Naturally there's murder and mayhem and the Doctor and Agatha solve the mystery in classic style.

The characters, plot and story are all in the style of a Christie novel, with just a little SF thrown in. There are many references to actual events and many in jokes to look out for. Well worth watching.

The Doctor's Daughter

The new series of Doctor Who has broken some new ground, but has mainly built on what we knew. Here was a chance to introduce something ground-breaking and for mine, they blew it.

The title and the promo for this week's episode implied we'd meet the Doctor's daughter. Whether the Doctor had children is something long speculated about, but never fully addressed in the series. It was never even clear that Susan was his actual grand-daughter, or whether her calling the Doctor "grandfather" was just a term of endearment.

The Poison Sky

The second and final part of the Sontaran story. We discover there is more to the Sontaran's gas than just poison to overcome the human race. It's clone food - the Earth is to become a base for growing more Sontarans for their never-ending battle against the Rutans.

There were the usual battles and derring-do as the Doctor, Donna, Martha and UNIT defeated the Sontarans and restored the Earth. We find out how the Sontarans deceived Rattigan to trick him into conspiring with them. Fairly standard stuff, pretty well executed.

The Sontaran Stratagem

The episode begins with the Doctor showing Donna how to steer the TARDIS, when a mobile phone begin to ring. The Doctor answers it. It's Martha Jones and she's bringing the Doctor back to Earth.

A teenage American genius Luke Rattigan runs the Raatigan Academy - a place for fellow teenage geniuses. His car navigation and emissions product ATMOS reduces emissions to zero. But people with ATMOS cars are dying and UNIT is investigating the deaths, concerned the technology may be alien. Martha, now working for UNIT, decides it's time to bring in the Doctor to help.

Planet Of The Ood

In this episode the Doctor and Donna travel to the Ood Sphere - the home planet of the Ood - last seen in The Satan Pit. The Doctor hears singing, but Donna can't, and they find a dying Ood. The Doctor feels he owes them one, so they investigate. And we discover the horrible secret behind why they are a slave race.


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