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The Chaser Tribute To Doctor Who

Andrew Hansen (who is a fan apparently) from The Chaser has done a wicked send-up of Doctor Who fans (shown on the ABC last night). I thought it was hilarious. However I do feel that Jamie laughed just a little too hard.

Naturally there's a Wikipedia entry on Doctor Who spoofs.

The Christmas Invasion

I'm not happy about having to wait until July to see the Christmas special, but it was worth the wait, just. David Tennant looks promising and we see the continuing mix of action and its impact, eg. The Doctor is wondering what sort of man he is, while Rose is freaked out about the whole regeneration thing.

Rose and the Doctor return to Earth, with the Doctor promptly fainting upon exiting the TARDIS. Jackie and Mickey wonder who he is. They take the Doctor to Jackie's flat where he rests. He emits some golden light from his mouth and it floats off.

The Parting of the Ways

Quite possibly the best ever final episode I've ever seen. The defeat of the daleks is not unusual of course, but it was the manner in which it was achieved. The secret of Bad Wolf is revealed and it is truly amazing. Series I is a welcome return for Doctor Who and this episode capped it off brilliantly.

Bad Wolf

The first part of the two-part climax to the new season, begins with a disoriented Doctor suddenly appearing in a house. From the conversations around him, the Doctor realises he's now a contestant on the set of Big Brother. From this bizarre and rather humourous beginning, we find Rose and Jack also on different TV shows. But the humour vanishes quickly when we discover they're playing for their lives, literally.

Boom Town

The TARDIS arrives in Cardiff to re-charge from the scar created by the closed rift in The Unquiet Dead. The Doctor, Rose and Jack are now a close-knit team. Rose has asked Mickey to join them, but it's clear he doesn't fit in. The team soon discover that one of the Slitheen did escape after World War Three. Margaret Blaine is now the Mayor of Cardiff and is opening a nuclear power station. But to what end?

The Doctor Dances

A very satisfying conclusion to last week's episode with a clever resolution to the empty child and the symptoms as plague, as well as lots of humour and clever spookiness and dialogue. And for once, nobody dies. And the Doctor is delighted that everyone lives; a reminder that death and destruction normally follow him around. All in all, a very good pair of episodes.

The Empty Child

A very good episode with lots of humour and eeriness. The Doctor and Rose follow a time machine back to London during WWII. There they meet Captain Jack Harkness, the spooky, empty child of the title, searching for its mummy and a hospital full of patients with symptoms just like that of the empty child.

Lots of good stuff in this episode. The Doctor decides to look for alien technology on foot. Rose wants him to do a scan. The Doctor, who did do this in the past (as the Fifth Doctor), doesn't want to. Rose is then delighted when Jack does.

Father's Day

Jackie would often tell Rose (as a child) stories about her wonderful dad and how much he would have loved to see her grow up. Rose asks the Doctor if she can see her father while he's alive. They travel back to her parents' wedding and then to the day her father was killed. Things go awry when Rose rescues her father from death. Reapers come down to Earth. As the Doctor, Rose (grown up and as a baby), her family and others hide in a church, the two Rose's come into contact and the Reapers enter the church. The Doctor sacrifices himself to save the others.

The Long Game

The Doctor, Rose and Adam (picked up in Dalek) journey to Satellite 5 in the year 200,000. It orbits the Earth (which now has five moons and a population of 96 billion) and is supposed to be the hub of the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire. But something's not right - there's no high culture and multitude of aliens.


The daleks (or at least one dalek) return for the first time in the new series. The Doctor and Rose are drawn to an underground bunker in Utah in 2012 where they find an amazing collection of alien artefacts. One of them turns out to be a powerless dalek. Rose accidentally re-animates it with her DNA by touching it and it escapes. A battle ensues with the dalek basically victorious, but when presented with the hopelessness of its existence - it's the only one left and it has no orders - it chooses to self-destruct.


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