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Riding in Sydney

After getting my L's, we bought a moped about four or so months ago. We practised diligently in the back streets. And now we ride pretty much anywhere. And it's great fun.

On the cost side of things it's definitely cheaper than a second car (we've sold ours) or public transport. It costs less than $10 to fill the tank (just 7 litres) which covers more than week of riding to and from work. Rego and insurance are much cheaper too. But you do need gear, eg. jacket ($150), helmet ($200) and so on.

Is it too easy to change musical tracks?

An incident with the car stereo today got me thinking. Tinkerbell asked for CD #5, Track 10 while we were waiting in the car for Jamie to return from the shops.

Cars, as far as I can recall, used to come with an AM radio with front speakers and that's it. Early models required you to manually tune the radio each time you wanted to change stations. Eventually someone came up with the idea of pre-sets so you could quickly change stations if you didn't like what was on.


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