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Knock Knock

Bill and her flatmates struggle without luck to find a new place to live, until a mysterious landlord makes them an offer to good to refuse. The Doctor finds something in their new house to worry him and won't leave despite Bill's best efforts.

Thin Ice

A return to form as the Doctor and Bill battle a monster beneath the frozen Thames in early 19th century London, only to find the real monster is above ground.


A quick trip in the TARDIS turns into a bit of a nightmare.

The Pilot

After a whole year off, we finally have a regular episode. It looks like it was worth the wait.

The Return Of Doctor Mysterio

After a year off, the Doctor returns in a witty, whimsical Christmas special.

The Husbands Of River Song

An amusing and romantic Christmas special that re-unites the Doctor with River Song in a final farewell.

Hell Bent

A solid episode with many strengths to end the series. The hybrid story arc is wrapped up (well, mostly), however, the resolution with Clara was a bit of a let down.

Heaven Sent

An extraordinary, if occasionally slow-paced, episode with a very clever premise and a jaw-droppping cliffhanger.

Face The Raven

A solid, clever episode that is ultimately dominated by the death of Clara.

Sleep No More

A very different and spooky episode.


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