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Dark Water

This episode began with a thoroughly disturbing theory of the afterlife, settled into a standard episode and then blew me away with an astonishing revelation and a great cliffhanger.

In The Forest Of The Night

An atmospheric, as opposed to frightening, episode that stands up well. The Earth is covered in trees that have sprung up overnight. The Doctor, Clara and Danny find out why.


A clever, creepy and satisfying episode that gave Clara the chance to the shine while the Doctor is trapped.

Mummy On The Orient Express

A throughly enjoyable episode with a scary new monster, great story telling and more insights into the Doctor's character.

Kill The Moon

A creepy, atmospheric episode that builds nicely to an innovative conclusion. But is Clara finished travelling with the Doctor?

The Caretaker

A clever plot involving a new alien and a confrontation between the two men in Clara's life.

Time Heist

A clever, bank heist episode with the added wrinkle of time travel. There were some good ideas here and some more insight into the Doctor, but ultimately I think this could have been better with some more polish and maybe some more time (to properly explore the plot).


A thoroughly creepy episode exploring whether there are creatures who have perfected hiding and how would we know. The Doctor's corresponding search takes us across timelines and to crucial points in the childhoods of both the Doctor and Danny Pink. A much better episode than the previous one.

Robot of Sherwood

A traditional Who story in a way - a period piece with something alien that shouldn't be there. In this case it's the legendary Robin Hood battling a Sheriff of Nottingham with robot knights. Ultimately, while there were a couple of highlights and some witty moments, this was a light-weight story that compares poorly to the previous episode.

Into The Dalek

A brilliant, chilling new episode that promises a lot from Capaldi's Doctor. A fascinating insight into both the Doctor and the Daleks matched by a clever, well-paced plot.


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