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Closing Time

A reasonable episode that sees the return of Craig Owens and the Cybermen (and even a Cybermat). If anything though, the focus is on the Doctor and his coming death. Many loose ends are tied up and all is set for the season finale.

The God Complex

A clever episode, but one that didn't really manage to fill a full 40 minutes. The premise was solid and the solution clever, but it needed a bit more I feel. And to cap it all off, it was farewell to Amy and Rory.

The TARDIS is drawn to a hotel. The Doctor determines it is a replica but cannot divine its purpose. Other people are also there; somehow transported from their daily lives. They know that each room contains someone's fear and that there is a room for everyone. And there's a monster on the loose killing them one by one.

The Girl Who Waited

A powerful episode, including a veritable tour de force from Karen Gillan playing an older version of Amy, which sees Rory and Amy separated for a long period yet again and finishes with a terrible choice for Rory.

The Doctor takes Amy and Rory to Apalapacia, where a simple mix-up results in Amy entering a different, faster time-stream to Rory and the Doctor. The Doctor eventually figures out what is going on and manages to crash through to Amy's time-stream. Unfortunately Amy has had to wait 36 years, has aged visibly and now hates the Doctor.

Night Terrors

A dark, spooky episode with a happy ending centred on the love of a father for his son. Overall not too bad, but a bit of an interruption to the flow of the last two episodes.

A little boy in his bedroom wishes for someone to save him from the monsters. Somehow this message finds it way through the time vortex to the Doctor's psychic paper (is there nothing it cannot do?) and he decides to make a house call.

Let's Kill Hitler

A fast-paced, zany, humorous, almost slapstick episode with some new information about River Song and the Doctor gets us going again after a mid-season break. The story is okay, but at the end, after the relentless pace, you're left a little bewildered.

A Good Man Goes To War

An extremely fast-paced episode that didn't leave time to dwell on all the things that were going on. For the second time in two episodes the Doctor is defeated by the same trick. The cliff-hanger ending involves the revelation of a big secret: who is River Song.

The Doctor assembles an army of friends and people who owe him a debt. Intriguingly River Song cannot help this time. She warns Rory the Doctor will rise higher than he ever has and fall so much further. The eye-patch lady is revealed to be Madam Kovarian. She is leading an army in a battle against the Doctor.

The Almost People

Another dark episode with a killer plot twist at the end. This ending, explaining a couple of threads, almost overshadows what's a pretty good episode. The humans and the gangers eventually reconcile with the exception of Jennifer. The Doctor engineers an escape for those that survive. But we're left asking, what's the story with Amy?

The Rebel Flesh

Another dark episode, with the now seemingly requisite scary moments in dark tunnels. Not a bad episode, but it didn't rise to great heights either. The recurring themes appear briefly as we encounter "the flesh", an acid capable of taking on human form and being controlled remotely. Things get a bit hairy when a solar storm animates the doppelgangers (how very Frankenstein).

The Doctor's Wife

Brilliant, utterly brilliant. After last week's poor effort, this week's episode was superb. The TARDIS personified. Like all great ideas, it seems so obvious. So why didn't anyone think of it before.

The Curse Of The Black Spot

A disappointing, weak episode. The story line and setting had some potential, but was let down by plot holes, so-so story-telling and ill-defined characters.


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