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Women's Football World Cup

The 2011 women's World Cup was brilliant. The level of football was superb and some of the dramatic results captivating. Australia did well but suffered from several defensive lapses. The story of the tournament was Japan though. After the natural disasters in their country earlier this year they claimed the title in amazing fashion.

Our World Cup Bid Presentation

Our world cup hosting bid is in and we live in hope, but it's not looking good. We'll find out soon enough. The final presentation included a cheesy video about a kangaroo that steals the World Cup and brings it to Australia. If you look closely you can see me for about half a second!

Thoughts on the World Cup

It's come and gone for another four years. A look back at the tournament while we wait for the decision on 2022 and Brazil 2014.

2010 World Cup Finals - Final 4

A review of the semi-finals, play-off and final.

2010 World Cup Finals - Quarter Finals

An overview of the quarter-finals.

2010 World Cup Finals - Round of 16

An overview of the round of 16, the first knockout round.

2010 World Cup Finals - Round 3

A quick review of the third round of games (ie. every team's third and final group game).

Australia vs Serbia

At any other time, this would have been a marvellous result. Unfortunately today it was not enough. Cahill and Holman gave us a glimmer of hope mid-way through the second half, but in the end we fell short and our tournament is over.

2010 World Cup Finals - Round 2

A quick review of the second round of games (ie. every team's second group game).

Australia vs Ghana

The big question was: would the real Australia turn up and display the grit, determination and talent we know they have. The answer, despite us not getting the result we needed, was a resounding yes.

Serbia defeating Germany has thrown our group wide open. A win for us will see all four teams level on three points. From there, it's anyone's guess as to the final position.


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