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Australia vs Denmark

A good hit out against a good team. Friendlies don't always tell you much, but there's some promising news in the 1-0 win.

Both sides played close to first choice sides for the first half and it finished 0-0 with good commitment from both sides. Fringe players got their chance in the second half. Kennedy bobbed up to score his first goal for Australia off his boot.

Two Weeks To Go

This time next week the first game (South Africa vs Mexico) will have been played. Australia was the first team to arrive in South Africa and are training at altitude. The aim is to be the fittest team (again?) at the finals, but will we be?

Australia vs New Zealand

A friendly against the Kiwis is normally anything but and this was no exception. However, it was Australia who behaved poorly with a couple of very rash tackles. We also played poorly. New Zealand took a deserved early lead in the first half. We picked up a bit in the second half and probably deserved our equaliser. We then pinched a goal with nothing on the clock to claim an undeserved win.

World Cup Finals Approach

There's a little under four weeks to go to the kick off of the 2010 Finals. The 32 countries have announced their preliminary teams. Leagues around the world have wrapped up. The sense of anticipation is building. Who will win this time?

World Cup 2010 Draw

The sense of anticipation was increased with the draw for the World Cup Finals being completed. We now know who's in which pool, who can meet in the knockout rounds, etc.

A Big Week in Football

Last night, New Zealand's All Whites qualified for the World Cup Finals! A massive result and great news for mine. Honestly it was 2005 all over again for me. A crucial goal in the first half. An outstanding penalty save. And remembering what it felt like for us as a country. Let's hope NZ do well.

Australia vs Japan

I've been saying for a long time that Tim Cahill is our most valuable player and I think he proved it again here. His two goals gave us a significant psychological advantage over Japan. Sure this game was a dead rubber in terms of qualification, but there's still rankings in Asia and the World to consider. Plus our rivalry with Japan. So inflicting their first defeat of this round as well as maintaining our record were both important.

Australia vs Bahrain

In the end Australia were comfortable winners. It wasn't a great performance, but it was another win and another clean sheet and there's a lot to be said for that.

Naturally I went to the game as it was in Sydney. For the first time ever though, there were issues with the special event buses out to the stadium. I've always found them to be quick, punctual and a very convenient way to get to the game. But for this game the bus was very late and I only just made it in time for kick-off. Talking to someone else on the bus it seems four buses didn't turn up.

Qatar vs Australia

Woo-hoo! Australia secured the point it needed in an exciting 0-0 draw. We're off to South Africa as one of the first qualifiers, instead of the last.

Australia vs Uzbekistan

When Valeri went down and the referee awarded a penalty, there was that feeling again. We're off to the World Cup Finals! A great result for Australia. The other result overnight means technically we can't be certain, but it's all over bar the shouting. We will get the solitary point required from our next three matches. And then it's South Africa here we come.


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