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Need A Car?

This morning I dropped my car off for my local car wash (in the bottom level car park at the shopping mall closest to work). It generally takes an hour or so for the washing, cleaning, polishing, and so on, so I leave my car there and come back later. When I returned I discovered an alarming lack of security.

I returned at lunch-time with my docket at the ready, there was no-one at the car wash. So I went up to the unlocked and open, wall-mounted, metal cupboard they use to hold all their customers' keys and retrieved mine. Not sure where my car had been left I scanned around for it. In the dim light I was pretty sure I could see it. I activated the remote access and sure enough, the flashing indicators confirmed I'd found my car. (I'm sure I saw this in a movie once.)

I checked the car over to make sure they'd done a good job. They had. So I got in and left. All up I was there for a good couple of minutes and I saw no staff. And no-one challenged me. Now imagine you wanted to steal a car ...