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A Look Back at 2008

A new year and time to look back on the old one.

Politically, two events stood out above all others: the apology by the Australia government to the stolen generations on February 12; and the election of Barack Obama as the President of the USA on November 4. Both were highly symbolic and full of hope. It remains to be seen whether either makes a significant difference.

Sports-wise, we had the Olympics of course, with some extraordinary performances: Matthew Mitcham in the diving and Steve Hooker in the pole vault my personal favourites. The Socceroos achieved their highest ever FIFA ranking of 28 and are on the cusp of qualifying for South Africa in 2010.

Personally, I changed, not just jobs, but careers. I'm no longer a software engineer by trade, but an operations manager. Very different, but, so far, rewarding. Managing staff is proving to be the biggest challenge: hired someone, which was fun; had to fire someone else, which was not.

I also took up motorcycling. We sold a car, use more public transport and ride when we can. More green than before anyway.

I joined facebook. Which has been kind of useful for keeping in touch with friends, but little else. There also seems to be competition amongst friends as to who can come up with the most witty status updates.

As a family, we sold our first home. We're now renting while we look for a new home. Surprisingly the kids seem completely unfazed by the change; I expected them to be more upset as it was the only home they knew. We decided not to bother with a home phone and now live on our mobiles. Unfortunately no cable broadband :( Wireless broadband was trivial to set-up but is simply not as fast.

As far as books go, I read 25 novels and 5 collections of short stories. Only 9 of the novels were SF - probably lower as a percentage than I expected. I released several books into the wild, although none were caught, while I caught a few. (Not sure what that's about - check out Book Crossing.)

Speaking of SF, in the world of Doctor Who, David Tennant will hand over the reins to Matt Smith, the newly announced 11th Doctor.

Here's to a great 2009, the year I turn forty. Yikes!