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A Big Week in Football

Last night, New Zealand's All Whites qualified for the World Cup Finals! A massive result and great news for mine. Honestly it was 2005 all over again for me. A crucial goal in the first half. An outstanding penalty save. And remembering what it felt like for us as a country. Let's hope NZ do well.

Twitter went crazy for a while, with #allwhites getting to the number 2 trending topic. Which caused some consternation in the USA as some thought it a rascist topic, unaware of what the topic was all about.

I've been trying to find out if NZ could end up in our group. It seems the rules are not finalised yet. Thankfully, there's only about three weeks to go before the draw and we find out. Imagine: England, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia in the one group.

On the flip side, Germany goalkeeper, Robert Enke, a favourite to go be Germany's No. 1 at the finals, committed suicide. A terribly sad event. And worth keeping in mind - football isn't everything. If a player at that level, with considerable wealth no doubt, can see no way out, then it's pause for thought.