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A Look Back At 2009

A new year and time to look back on the old one. (Last year's review.)

Politically, not a lot seems to have come out of the symbolic and hopeful events of the apology to the Stolen Generations and the election of Barack Obama in 2008. Little seems to have changed for indigenous Australians. Obama, who was always going to struggle to live up to expectations, does not seemed to have delivered a lot. He's almost got a health care bill through Congress, but not much else. Did he really play as much golf in 9 months as George Bush did in 34?

Still on politics, the global response to climate change is currently a failure. The Copenhagen meeting was a disaster. Yes, there's momentum towards a solution, but how can governments sabotage such an event?

In sport, the Socceroos qualified comfortably for the World Cup Finals this year and raised their FIFA ranking to a peak of 14. New Zealand also qualified in thrilling circumstances. The FFA got serious in its quest to host the World Cup Finals. Sydney FC are top of the table and looking quite good under their new coach. The A-League has been a devil to tip on this season though. Looking forward to a big year in football. Particularly watching the Socceroos in South Africa. Their draw for the group stage looks very tough.

Job-wise, I completed a full calendar year in my new job and it went very well. Busy, hectic sometimes, but satisfying.

As a family, we bought a new home after a 6-month search. One to last us a long time hopefully. We've no desire to move house again for quite a while.

In the land of computers, I signed up for Twitter. Seems to be more fun than Facebook. But both can be a little tedious. Useful to keep up with others, but not a whole lot else. I bought my first ever iMac - and it's very good.

In SF there were a number of good movies released this year - most unusual. On the other hand, we only saw three new Doctor Who episodes. Definitely not enough after the past four good years. Still, we can look forward to two special episodes and then a handover to a new Doctor and a new producer.

As far as books go, I read 22 novels and 5 collections of short stories (or speeches), slightly down on last year. 7 were SF-related, also down on last year.

I turned 40. The earth didn't move. Life continued on. Here's to a great 2010.